Who We Are

Custom Music Records is, as the name says, an independent record company delivering custom music.
We aim to deliver interesting bands with something unique to give and all that is backed up by an interest in highest sound quality. We work at several locations depending on the task at hand. CMR Studios & Soundtrack Audio are the main recording, mixing and mastering facilities.


Records are distributed both in digital and physical media. Look for our music from all streaming/download providers and recordshops worldwide. If you’r having trouble finding what you want, just contact us.

At CMR we work on several different locations. Soundtrack Studio is the main recording mixing and mastering facility. CMR studios is a post-production mixing & mastering facility.

Depending on the project we either use one or both of the studios to ensure the music gets the best possible treatment. Sounds are monitored via Bowers & Wilkins and ATC soundsystems, a Neve desk is the heart of Soundtrack and there’s over 100 studio quality mics along with legendary hardware. The main recording hall is unique to Finland, a 234 m2 space with movable soundtraps and other nice gadgets. Visit soundtrack for more info. www.soundtrack.fi

CMR gear list:
– Mac – Pro Tools with controller
– Mytek DAC 192 DSD
– Bowers & Wilkins 805 D3 Diamond + PV1D x2 & Classé amplification
– ATC 7 + Classé amplification
– Dspeaker Room Correction
– Bowers & Wilkins P7
– Beyerdynamic DT990